Mar 22, 2018

Five Reasons to Use a Daily Rehearsal Slide - FREE Template Included

Quite a few years ago before my band room had an LCD projector, the rehearsal plan was written on the chalkboard, just like every teacher did. Although this was one way to communicate the lesson to my students, it was very limiting. With the integration of an LCD projector, a rehearsal slide created in Google Slides is a much more effective communication tool. Links, videos, and audio files are easily embedded into Google Slides. Images, like screenshots of music or a warm-up created in Noteflight can also be integrated. Consider embedding a countdown timer video from YouTube so students are in their seats and ready to play on-time.

Five reasons to use a daily rehearsal slide:
  • Students can easily view the rehearsal plan as they enter class.
  • Slides are highly customizable with numerous color schemes, font choices, and backgrounds.
  • Every slide is saved automatically, creating an archive of rehearsal plans for the entire year.
  • Announcements and reminders can be shared and highlighted.
  • Music notation using FLAT can be added to Slides. 

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