Aug 17, 2017

Getting to Know Your Students

Creating a positive student-teacher relationship at the beginning of the school year is so important. Learning about as much as you can about your students will pay huge dividends down the road. Those relationships will help maintain a positive rehearsal environment and allow you to implement an effective classroom management plan.

A first step, is having your students complete a Get-to-Know-You survey the few days of school. Any types of questions can be included, but think about what you really want to know about your students. What kind of information would help you reach your students? What could you learn about your students that would help you be a better teacher? These are a few essential questions to consider when creating your survey.

Feel free to steal my Get-to-Know-You survey and customize it for your own use. For Google Classroom users, these questions can easily be posted to the class as a Google Doc or even converted to a Google Form for your students to complete.

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