Dec 17, 2012

2 Sites to View Scores & Hear Recordings

When previewing music online, do you wish that you could see the score and hear a recording?

Stanton's Sheet Music offers a Virtual Workshop that allows users to view pages of the scores and listen to recordings of band, choral, orchestral, jazz, sacred, elementary, piano, and organ music

Repertoire from a variety of composers are featured from recent Stanton's clinics, reading sessions and workshops.  Unless you live near Columbus, Ohio, you probably will not be able to attend any of these events.  Instead, you can access these same resources online through Virtual Workshop.

Manhattan Beach Music offers audio recordings and previews of full scores for 43 band and orchestra works.  Their Virtual Score System not only offers a functional way to preview music, but the layout is beautiful.  Scores can also be viewed on the iPad and iPhone.

The Manhattan Beach and Stanton's sites have an advantage over other publishers and retailers in that more than just the first page or two of scores are viewable.  Both sites also allow the user to zoom in/out of each score.

lambertwm via photopin cc

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