Feb 22, 2011

Midwest Summer Music Camp Directory

Music camp is a GREAT opportunity for students to improve music skills, continue playing or singing during the summer months, make new friendsand HAVE FUN!  As many students will attest to, a music camp also helps motivate them for the upcoming school year and beyond.  In simplest terms, music camp gets kids pumped! 

Camps traditionally have professional and collegiate musicians on their staff, as well as top-notch music educators that provide invaluable motivational and musical training for young musicians. 

I remember attending the Bands of America Summer Symposium, now called Music for All, as a high school student and always coming away so excited about music.  It was the teachers and instructors who ignited my passion for music, which ultimately led to a career in music education.   

Visit the Summer Music Camp Directory page above for a list of camps and general information.

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