Apr 12, 2010

Day 23-26 - March 15-18

The final push of preparation has begun for our final two performances. This week I utilized the LCD projector every day along with a PowerPoint slide that had a reminder about a playing quiz and the rehearsal agenda for the week. I find myself using the LCD to post the weekly rehearsal schedule more and more. I think it is an effective way to keep the students informed, shows that you are an organized teacher and is another way to communicate your expectations to the students.

Twice this week, I recorded rehearsals. It is amazing the things I DO NOT hear in rehearsal. I am liking this recording thing! I need to keep doing this.

I also used the iPhone Tempo app everyday to check tempos. Thank you Bluetooth for letting me use the wirelessly!

Resources: LCD, Tempo, iProRecorder, PowerPoint

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