Mar 2, 2010

Day 14 - 3/2/10

I love the using the Tempo app and Bluetooth receiver with my iPhone.  (See an earlier post for specifics about Tempo and the Sony Bluetooth receiver)  Today during a scale warm-up, I was able to reach a number of students by walking around the room to correct posture problems and reinforce what individual students were doing well.  I could adjust the metronome speed on-the-fly as I walked around.  I was barely even on the podium for the warm-up.

Being able to give my students meaningful feedback as the played had a huge effect on their concentration and attitude.  I could see and feel that this warm-up had more intensity.  The students were trying harder because I was next to them.  Not that I haven't floated around the room before, but the Tempo app gave me no reason to return to the podium.  There certainly was not a need for me to conduct the scales.  My effectiveness as a teacher today was most certainly influenced by this use of technology.

ResourcesTempo app, iPhone 3GS, Sony Bluetooth receiver

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