Feb 23, 2010

Day 6 - 2/17/10

Student work continues with the Lewis & Clark wiki's! This is a fantastic project and creating wiki's allows the students to integrate text, pictures, videos, hyperlinks, and even embed widgets into their page. A wiki is a very effective learning tool because while they are learning about a subject, they are learning how to utilize technology to communicate the subject matter. And, these kids are tuned-in to this kind of technology. It has surrounded them since they were born. Remember, they were born when the internet was already being used!

Wiki's are so much more interactive too! I would speculate that a reader can learn as much or more from a polished and thorough wiki than a 3 page report because of the visual and audio integration.

Wikispaces is one of many free wiki creation sites. Wikispaces also offers a free upgrade to their Plus subscription for all educators.

Resources: Wikispaces.com

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